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Welcome to YourMacDoc.com

This website originally served as the home of YourMacDoc Macintosh Help and Consulting Services, based in Milwaukee, WI and operated by Jim Macak. At this point in time, YourMacDoc is no longer conducting business as an independent provider of Macintosh support.

Nevertheless, this website will continue on, offering an occasional computer-related article in “blog-style.” One of Jim’s current interests is computer and Interent privacy and security, so watch for new articles on that subject.

The recent major project of writing a series of articles about choosing a trustworthy VPN was completed in 2019 and is being updated as needed.

Who is YourMacDoc?

“YourMacDoc” is Jim Macak, a Macintosh user and aficionado since 1984, the year that Apple introduced Macintosh computers. (He really is a doctor, with an M.D. degree.)

Jim has been providing help and support to Macintosh users for more than three decades. He is a founding member of Double Click, Inc., the Macintosh Users Group of Milwaukee, a non-profit organization. He has served on the Double Click Board of Directors and as Vice-President and is currently the President and the webmaster of Double Click.

Jim started and led Double Click’s Telecommunications Special Interest Group, hosting discussions and tutorials about computer bulletin board systems (BBSs) and the then fledgling Internet and World Wide Web, and he was the sysop of the Double Click BBS.

The “YourMacDoc” appellation dates from when, after retiring from medical practice, Jim worked as an independent provider of Macintosh help and consulting services.

Beginning in March of 2007, Jim was employed full-time as an Apple Mac Genius. His nine-plus year Genius tenure at the local Bayshore Apple store ended when he retired in 2016.

How to Contact YourMacDoc (Jim Macak)

Please feel free to contact Jim with any comments, questions or tips you may have, or even just to chat. Email Jim at: yourmacdoc@wi.rr.com

Info About the YourMacDoc Web Site

This website was entirely designed and coded using text editors, graphics applications and browsers running on Macintosh computers under macOS X.

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